Safes & Padlocks

Safes and Padlocks

Here at Houdini Lock Service, we can supply, install and program your safe in your own home or business so you know all your important documents and valuables are safe and secure. We have a great range of safes to suit your requirements.

Key Access Safes

These can be installed/hidden anywhere outside (or inside) your home so you can keep your spare keys safe at all times. They also have a resettable combination for your peace of mind.

Travel Safes

Going on holiday and want peace of mind that all your travel documents and cash/cards are safe? Invest in a travel safe! They also have a resettable combination for your convenience.

Certified Fire Safes

Want to secure you cash and valuables from thieves? Invest in a certified fire safe to keep your valuables safe. Resettable codes and override keys make having a safe easy!

Houdini also supplies, installs and services many other popular types of safes including:

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